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At ZRM Enterprises, we strive to provide high quality rebuilding and repair work, precision machining, custom fabricating, a various saw cutting and hydraulics work.  Our service area includes agriculture, manufacturing, mining, marine, government and defense, oil and gas, and power plant maintenance.

After-Hours Repairs & Rush Jobs

When your "mission critical" equipment goes down, call us to help get you up and running again. We can provide onsite welding, machining, gear cutting, and hydraulic repair. Need a rush job? Count on us!

Machining & Gear Cutting

From small to large-quantity orders, ZRM Enterprises has just the right machining and gear cutting capabilities to meet the requirements of your next project.

Fabrication & Welding

From light to heavy fabrication, ZRM Enterprises has a clear standard of excellence. Expect the best. 

Hydraulic Repair & Rebuild

Regardless of cylinder size, we have the capabilities you need to repair or rebuild your hydraulic parts and get you back in business fast.

Specialty Repair & Replace

We can meet your specific needs for repairing or replacing a large variety of parts on agricultural or construction machinery including single item machining and fabrication.  We even offer after-hours emergency repairs.

Tugboat Repair

For drive systems up to 22 feet, we provide tugboat drive system work including repair and replacement of propellers and other drive system parts.